creating key store file and *.apk file

 If  we want to install our app in specific mobile first we need to Generate  two files

first one is Keystore  file  ( signing Application )
seconde one is *.apk file ( source file )

creating key store file and *.apk file 

1-> right click on selected project ( should error free)

2-> click on export
3-> choose Export Android Application from Android Folder   click on next 

4-> select the project to export next click on next 

5-> choose create new key store radio button for creating keystore file 

 6-> choose location from browse button and type password for keystore file 

7-> click on next 
8-> fill key cretion form with qualified values ( validity years above 24)

9 -> click next 
10 -> select Destination APK file through browse button 

11 -> click finish

12 -> finally you can get two files of key store and *.apk

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